What is an Elite Preferred Invisalign Provider?

For prospective Invisalign patients, it is helpful to know that Eastside Orthodontics has earned the distinction of being an elite preferred Invisalign provider. Dr. Ferrer has earned “Elite” provider status with Invisalign, meaning that she has an exceptional amount of expertise and experience.

Earning the title of Elite Prefered Invisalign provider is not something every orthodontist office achieves. This distinction helps prospective patients find an orthodontist they can trust. You can be sure that we have had significant amount of experience helping patients achieve a straight and healthy smile.

In addition to being an elite preferred provider, Eastside Orthodontics is also an Invisalign Teen provider. This distinction means that Dr. Ferrer has a proven record of successfully treating teenagers using the Invisalign system.

If you are looking for an orthodontist for yourself or your child, and simply want to be sure your orthodontist is highly qualified to treat your smile using Invisalign, it is best to be sure you are visiting an office that ranks well with the Invisalign company itself.

Invisalign at Eastside Orthodontics

Every Invisalign candidate is scanned with our iTero® digital scanner to avoid goopy impressions.
Every patient is provided with a 3D CBCT scan for the best diagnosis and treatment plan for their treatment.
Patients can accelerate their treatment by 50% with our accelerated treatment option involving AcceleDent®.
We do not charge more for Invisalign than traditional braces, and provide interest-free payment plans to meet our patients’ needs.


iteroAt Eastside Orthodontics we embrace the most advanced technology in order to improve your experience! Our iTero scanner provides easier, more accurate scanning for better results. One of the great benefits is that our iTero scanner eliminates the mess and gagging associated with impressions. The scanner allows us to help you see your teeth in 3D and how they may look at the end of Invisalign treatment. As a matter of fact, Dr. Ferrer can use the scanner to do an Invisalign simulation when you come for your free initial consultation!