If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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“Now I can truly smile.”
– Jessica Rolle

“This experience has really changed my life and the people here at ESO are super awesome! I really enjoyed coming here.”   –
Taylor Nicoletti

“Suresmile equals perfect smile. I could not be happier with the way teeth look. Everyone on the staff is very friendly, personable, and efficient. You’re the best!”     
– Clare Ewing

“Customer service was excellent. I love the way my teeth look! I’m glad I went with suresmile braces because it sped up the process. The staff at East Side is very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this office!”  
– Zerin Taher

“Each time my son Cole had an appointment with you guys, we were always treated with a smile! From Kelli, to Stephani, to Dr. Ferrer- all you guys were so amazing and friendly! Cole’s experience here was great, I always felt as if he was in the best of hands!”  
– Cole Sahina’s mom, Jen Sahina

“I think East Side Orthodontics is Fantastic. The whole staff are super friendly and happy to help in anyway they can. I am so pleased with the results on my orthodontic treatment, and would definitely recommend this office to other people. Thank you.”  
– Lucy Hunt

“The experience was 100% pleasant and pain free and  I am very, very  pleased with the result.”  
– Samuel Heller

“How does one improve on perfection? The professionalism of Dr. Ferrer has impressed me greatly. Kelli is a gem extraordinaire.”  
– Rose Ann Lovell, A very satisfied and happy client.

“I feel like I’m sharing “sunshine” when I smile!!!”  
– Brenda Womack

“Everyone is very courteous and professional. I’m always greeted with a “hello” and a smile. I feel very welcomed every visit. Personally, there is nothing about the office or staff I would change. Keep up the good work EastSide Orthodontics. You all come highly recommended in my book. Thanks for everything!!!”  
– Lavtavia German

“Always friendly, on time and efficient. I was initially concerned I would be surrounded by kids but the office is well equipped to handle many adults as kids. I never felt rushed during my treatment. Thanks for the beautiful smile!!!”
– Janet Toland

“I loved coming here. My teeth look great and you are treated with good care. ESO was very good experience. The outcome was fantastic!”  
– Sage Ferguson

“You guys are AH-MAZING!!!”  
– Halle Kilman

“I really feel everyone tried their best to accommodate and work around my difficult schedule, If I ever had an emergency or needed to stop in for adjustment, I usually scheduled to come in that day. Braces for an adult can be uncomfortable enough, so this was important to me that I never had to deal with increased discomfort for a prolonged period. I’m also pleased with how the end result turned out. Thanks so much for a great experience!!!”  
– Blake Hutto

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